09 October 2011

Writing down the bones

When I was just a little child, six years of age or so, I began writing stories.  I didn't stop until I was in my twenties and I still don't know why ever quit.  In my late teens I was introduced to an amazing book called Writing Down the Bones and I kept that book close by...always with me, ever present.  It was truly a gift in every way that a present is meant to be.  It changed the way I looked at the process of writing, creativity and it freed me in ways that I didn't think possible.  I couldn't thank Natalie Goldberg enough for writing this book.  If you haven't read Writing Down the Bones or if you haven't even heard of it, I want to let you know that it is out there.  Waiting for you to discover it.  Waiting to liberate your creative soul.  Waiting to breathe life into your passion.

Perhaps, my rediscovery of this old classic will re-inspire me to take pen to paper and begin again what I left behind all those years ago.  Perhaps, I will once again find the muse that use to keep me constant company...urging me on, coaxing me further and encouraging me when I felt lost. 

N. Goldberg
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