07 October 2011

Kindle a Passion for Reading

I love my Kindle.  I really, really enjoy having my entire library of books with me wherever I go.  My back thanks me everyday for not carting around a half dozen books with me everywhere I go.  I can use a ladylike purse again...no more ginormous bags and backpacks.  My eyes thank me for not making them squint...no more headaches.  Even when I wore reading glasses the pressure on my nose made my head throb (I tend to have sinus problems).  The Kindle is so much more than reading books though.  I get my favorite blogs delivered to it so I can read them anywhere.  Sudoku fanatic?  Got that too.  New York Times?  Delivered wirelessly daily, thank you very much!  Oh, and the NY Times crossword, I've got that too.  Math games for the little one, Scrabble, music, always available 3g internet access (FREE for LIFE).  My Kindle is easily the single most useful purchase I have made in a really long time.

Now, there is the Kindle Fire.  Full color touch screen.  199 dollars.  Yes, I'm on the waiting list because I know it's going to be just as great as my faithful 3rd generation Kindle.  It won't be replacing my current model because I absolutely need to be able to read in full sun.  The Kindle Fire is going to be gift for my daughter.  She really wanted an iPad but at over 500 bucks that isn't going to happen.  So I am a very happy mom.  Thank you Amazon.

So here is my shameless plug.  If you have a Kindle you can hop on over to Amazon and subscribe to this blog and have it delivered wirelessly to your device.  Now isn't that easier?  If you don't have a Kindle yet and aren't sure you'll like it, Amazon has also released a 79 dollar Kindle.  It's small and sweet and looks to be everything that Kindle is known for.  If you are worried that the books are too expensive let me tell you that Amazon has over a hundred books available for FREE everyday and they aren't just the classics either.  

I don't work for Amazon.  I am not getting anything in return for this shameless free advertising, I am simply a very satisfied customer.  When I was researching Ereaders I would have loved a review like this one to help me make my decision.  So here it is for all of you:)


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