03 October 2011

When Disaster Strikes by Matthew Stein

Release Date 01 November 2011


Disasters often strike without warning and leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Yet armed with the right tools and information, survivors can fend for themselves and get through even the toughest circumstances. Matthew Stein’s When Disaster Strikes provides a thorough, practical guide for how to prepare for and react in many of life’s most unpredictable scenarios.
In this disaster-preparedness manual, he outlines the materials you’ll need—from food and water, to shelter and energy, to first-aid and survival skills—to help you safely live through the worst. When Disaster Strikes covers how to find and store food, water, and clothing, as well as the basics of installing back-up power and lights. You’ll learn how to gather and sterilize water, build a fire, treat injuries in an emergency, and use alternative medical sources when conventional ones are unavailable.
Stein instructs you on the smartest responses to natural disasters—such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods—how to keep warm during winter storms, even how to protect yourself from attack or other dangerous situations. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you can be sure to respond quickly, correctly, and confidently when a crisis threatens.


Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes.  There are a lot of people today that believe we are headed for disaster.  Whether it is one calamity or another it seems that it would be in our best interest to be prepared but do you know what you should be doing in order to be fully equipped to face imminent doom?  How many cases of water do you actually need?  What about zombie attack?  Should you stock up on flares, how many packages of Ramen to feed a family of four for a prolonged seige?  Well, I had all these questions and then some.  Thankfully there people out there much more knowledgeable than I on this topic.  Enter Mathew Stein.  Author of the venerated 'When Technology Fails' and frequent radio talk show guestFor years he has been advising people just like you and me how to stock up in order to survive.  

If I sound a little flippant it's because...well this is a touchy subject.  Preparing for the end of days is something that wackos do. Not suburban moms that travel around in cozy SUV's listening to the local christian radio station.  Except that there have been disasters lately that have had me wondering, speculating and what if-ing.  What if we were hit by some major disaster that left us to fend for ourselves for an extended amount of time?  How would we meet our basic needs?  Not too long ago we came home rather late at night to find all the power had gone out in our neighborhood.  We entered a deeply darkened house and were forced to stumble about clumsily looking for our few flashlights.  Even as we searched I prayed that the batteries in even one would be working.  I racked my brain trying to remember where any candles might be.  This little inconvenience really got me thinking.  Being prepared isn't some crazy thing thing that conspiracy nuts do out in the woods.  It is something we should all be doing.  It's like insurance.  We hope we never have to use it but it's there just in case.  So just in case I am following Mr. Stein's sage advice and I am getting prepared.  Zombies be forewarned.


About the Author

An engineer, author, and building contractor, Matthew Stein has built hurricane-resistant, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly homes and designed consumer water-filtration devices, commercial water-filtration systems, and automated assembly machinery among other things. He currently resides with his wife, Josie, in the High Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California. His websites are at Stein Design and When Tech Fails.

* I received an advance copy from the publisher for purposes of review. I was in no way obligated to write a review much less a favorable one. The opinions stated herein are all my own.


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