12 September 2011

Two Days of Music, Inspiration, Humor and the Camaraderie of Like Minded Souls...

 (I apologize for the stock photo...I had planned on taking numerous pictures but as luck would have it I encountered technical difficulties)

Imagine for a moment thousands of women gathered together in one place with one goal in mind...to give glory to the Lord.  That was the case over the past weekend in Anaheim California.  Two days of worship filled communion, women sharing their personal histories, building faith through each other and gaining spiritual strength in the process.
I remember someone saying a long time ago how peaceful the world might be if women were in charge instead of men.  I'm not necessarily sure that's true but if the majority of the women in the world are anything like the several thousand that have spent the last few weekends together over the course of the last month attending the various Women of Faith conferences across the country then maybe the world would be a much gentler place.
Thank you Women of Faith for providing so many women across the country with the opportunity to worship together under such wonderful circumstances.  It was truly a blessing and I eagerly look forward to next year.


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