19 January 2011

The Shelter of God's Promises By Sheila Walsh

In God's hands, even the things that have broken us can be used by Him to make us whole again". We all need to remember this one truth. This one simple message can sustain one through any hardship and this one simply profound statement is the foundation of Sheila Walsh's latest book.
The Shelter of God's Promises explores 10 of the foundational promises of God's Word. Through the stories of the Bible we as reader's gain insight into the transformational power of pain and the consequential healing that occurs. Throughout the book Ms. Walsh peppers the book with snippets of her own experience allowing the reader to understand the broader scope of the message.

I found the book to be encouraging and uplifting however, for the seasoned Christian, whom I am assuming reads the Bible on a daily basis, there is nothing here that is terrible original. I hope that all devoted Christians are very aware of the deep sacrifice that Jesus made for all of humankind when he died on the cross. I would hope that all devoted Christians are keenly aware that this one significant event, above all others, is an amazing testimony that God will keep all His promises. No matter what.

Having said that there will be those people who are simply curious about what it means to be a Christian that would find this book to be fairly indispensable in their quest for truth. There may be Christians that have never really thought about the very real and specific promises that God has made and what exactly those promises mean for each and everyone of us. And for those who are lost this book is like food for the soul. It is an accessible and beautiful path that leads directly to God's Word. For these reasons I would love to take this moment to thank Sheila Walsh for writing this book. The world is a better place for its existence.

The Shelter of God's Promises is a wonderful path to renew your faith if it has been broken. It is a wonderful tool to strengthen your love for the Lord and this book will ultimately remind you that your are deeply loved and cared for by our Divine Creator.

The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through BookSneeze®.


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