04 August 2011

Mharvi Reads About the Playstation Vita and Ponders the Ideal Gift

So my darling imp really wants something flashy for her upcoming birthday.  Think  anything "i" related.  She's buggers over Apple and honestly, who isn't? Being the prudent mother that I am I just don't see how a 9 year old is actually going to benefit from any of those "i" gagdets.  I mean, how is it going to really enhance her life in any meaningful way?  Is there an app for cleaning up your bedroom?  How about an eat your veggies app?  What happened to jump ropes and barbie dolls, skateboards and bicycles?  Being the push over parents that we are my hubby and I seriously pondered the idea of actually buying her the coveted "i" dream.  In our search and comparison hunt about the web we stumbled upon a new gaming device...the Playstation Vita.  I'm sure, dear reader, that you were hoping to read that I, as a parent, was going to declare that my child would be technologically deprived come her birthday and that she would learn to love and covet her homemade set of building blocks that were lovingly hand painted by her caring and doting parents.  Or perhaps that we, as the enlightened and progressive parents of a precocious soon-to-be 9 year old, would opt instead for an educational trek to the top of Mount Macchu Picchu thereby guaranteeing her entry into the top ivy league university of her choice (nevermind that it would be like a buy one get one gift for me).  Sadly, no.  The Vita is one slick device.  Also, sadly (for her anyway) the launch of the slick and enticing Vita is still several months away. Terribly inconvenient as imp's day of indulgence is in only a few weeks.  Anyone out there have the name and number of a great travel agent?


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